Scammers have been impersonating Learner Net HR on WhatsApp

We have been alerted of imposters on Whatsapp pretending to be from Learner Net HR, contacting prospective tutors asking for personal information.

On Thursday, 23 September, a prospective tutor informed us of an imposter on Whatsapp, claiming to be from Learner Net HR and asking for personal information of tutor applicants. We investigated right away and made a police report.

How to verify Learner Net on Whatsapp

To all prospective tutors, please be reminded that the only way we will reach out to you is from our official Whatsapp account +65 3129 4377. We will only ever contact you through this account, which bears the Learner Net logo as the display picture.

If you think you have been contacted by any scammer, we encourage you to block the number and report it to WhatsApp, and not share any personal information.
Thank you for staying vigilant with us.

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