our vision

A world where learning has no bounds.

Learner Net started out as a passion project between dedicated educators and software developers. As a home-grown company in Singapore, our main aim is to source out dedicated teachers from all over the world so that our children can have access to great education.

The purpose of education is not just to ready our children for the real world or be good at examinations. The real task of education lies in developing a child’s natural curiosity for life.

A single teacher could change the life of a child. We know that good teachers are everywhere. At Learner Net, our goal is to bring them to you.

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At Learner Net, we empower:

Students to get inspired, have fun while learning and learn more effectively.

Teachers to share expertise, earn a wage they deserve and use technology to teach better.

Parents to be involved in their child’s learning and have the power to choose from a variety of quality classes and teachers.


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