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What’s your name?

My name is Ms June Tan. Many students address me by Teacher June in class.


What’s your teaching experience?

I have started teaching when I was 18 years old to give part time tuition classes and I have been teaching ever since. I graduated from university of London and decided to teach as a career since 2017. I’m a passionate and result oriented primary school teacher. I am great at managing an engaged and nurturing classroom where students enjoy learning. This gives me great motivation to teach and help my students to flourish. Being a primary school tutor for a decade, I have great understanding of primary school syllabus and PSLE experience.


How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

I develop materials to help children problem solve and question, and master key concepts through interesting slides and mathematical games. Apart from strong foundation building, Students will also get to solve fun mathematics questions and be separated into groups of discussion to promote an active and engaging classroom session online.


Why do you enjoy teaching?

Teaching gives me a sense of fulfilment to help students in every way I can. Seeing that my efforts aids students in class and clearing their doubts about questions, motivates me to better teacher everyday. I hope that my enthusiasm, friendliness and patience will value add to the learning process of any students that comes along the way!


What’s one fun fact about you?

I enjoy outdoors sports a lot, and I lead quite an active lifestyle. During my mornings, I would hit the gym regularly and go for runs whenever I can. To me, a healthy body, positive mindset and staying happy is my main goal of life.

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