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Teacher Neha has Masters in Biotechnology from Shoolini University Solan, India. She has 1 year teaching experience in biology to 7th graders and 3 years home tutoring experience to high school and middle school kids.

What’s your name?

My name is Neha Sheoran and I am a Science teacher.

What’s your teaching experience (duration, where you have taught at, levels)

I started home tutoring while I was in high school to middle school and high school students for about two years and progressed to becoming a Science teacher at the Small Wonder Public School, Hisar, Haryana for grade 7-8 students from 2017-2018. I have completed my Bachelors and Masters both in Biotechnology and worked in India and abroad with various renowned scholars and scientists in national and state accredited laboratories during my academic period.

How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

Since a lot of students have difficulties in understanding scientific techniques, I find a way to by giving day to day examples with research and products that have been the result of the topic’s applications. Other part would be trying to explain the concepts via connecting it up to date trends which will help them memorize the basis of the topic. In dealing with questions about the topic I give them easy to understand answer and also encourage them to discuss among themselves what can be the future of the topic they just addition I let them know the career opportunities in the field of Biological Science as a biotechnology major myself.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

Teaching is in my blood as my family consists of professors and teachers so growing up in such an academic environment made it very easy for me to connect with the students at a very early age. Moreover the thrill on students faces when they get a glimpse of how interesting and amazing this filed is, gives me immense joy and a hope for a better future. Some kids even start framing more ideas in their mind just by leaning the basics.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I really enjoy listening to music, may it be of any genre and dancing to it is the best way to release some serotonin. I find my peace in reading books and writing poetry. In my free time I volunteer at local animal shelters to cuddle with some fury cute creatures.

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