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What’s your name?

My name is Ms Chua and I am a Tutor for Primary 1 to 6 students.


What’s your teaching experience?

I started Ms Chua’s Academy and I have been conducting tuition classes focusing on Primary 1 to 6 English, Maths and Chinese for the past 5 years. Prior to becoming a full-time Tutor, I was an MOE Relief Teacher for more than a year and I had taught at several Primary Schools in Sengkang and Punggol.

I had always been a top student in school. I graduated with Honours in Civil Engineering from University of Toronto (top university in Canada) and was on Dean’s Honours List for all 8 semesters in university. I scored straight As for both GCE ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels at Raffles Junior College and Raffles Girls’ Secondary School respectively. For ‘O’ Level, I was awarded the Prime Minister’s Book Prize for being the top few students in the cohort with the highest combined scores for both English and Mother Tongue. I had also consistently scored full marks for Maths throughout my schooling years as Maths has always been my favourite subject (which is the reason why I chose to study Engineering).


How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

I always break down questions and explain the answers to my students as clearly and simply as possible. I like to incorporate lots of common sense when explaining answers and concepts to students so that they’ll find it easy to remember instead of memorising facts and formulas. This is especially useful for students who aren’t particularly hardworking and do not spend a lot of time revising their school work.

My teaching method is based on my own past learning experience in school which led to my excellent academic results. My tuition guarantees improvement and my students always see improvements in their school results within 2-3 school terms. Some of my students had even improved tremendously in their school results, such as from barely passing to A. I am a dedicated, caring and nurturing teacher who has the best interests for my students and is always encouraging my students to do better in school. I’m also a friendly, patient and approachable teacher who is good with children and my students always find my lessons lively, enjoyable and enlightening. To see testimonials from my students, go to my website

My Teaching Motto is “I teach because I am passionate about teaching, and I am good at it!”


Why do you enjoy teaching?

It is satisfying and fulfilling to see students understand (difficult) theories and concepts and then apply them effortlessly to answer similar questions in test and exam papers. It is always a joy to see students improve their school results and enjoy learning in school. I like to teach primary students because I enjoy interacting with children and I am good with them. This is why I am patient when teaching and explaining questions and answers to primary school students.


What’s one fun fact about you?

Students find my tuition lessons fun and lively as I am a humorous and friendly teacher. I’ll crack jokes from time to time during my lessons. I also like to share life anecdotes with my students to help them manage their lives better. I will remind them things such as don’t do things at the last minute as they will tend to make mistakes and forget some things when they rush through tasks. This is especially important when they have to remember to bring all the stationery needed for test and exam papers (such as calculator and protractor for Maths paper). I also like to encourage my students to be more organised and I give them organisers and storage boxes as presents for Children’s Day with an enclosed card that says “Organising is a Good Habit!”

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