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What is your name?

My name is Teacher Jagjit.


What is your teaching experience?

I have been tutoring science to primary school students since last 5 years. Previously I was working as a freelancer but now I am full time tutor since 2019.


How do you teach that students learn more efficiently?

I make my lessons very engaging using PowerPoint presentations, videos and quizzes which involve continuous student interaction so that they do not lose focus in the class. I am very well versed with online teaching using zoom and Heyhi platforms. I also pay a lot of emphasis on verbal communication to see that the students have memorised the concepts so that it becomes easy for them to translate the concepts to written assignments.


Why do you enjoy teaching?

I love interacting with younger children and want to help them to generate an interest and curiosity in sciences and to make them aware of the improvement’s science has brought into human lives. This also gives me an opportunity to impart my knowledge to students so that they can gain from my experience in research and academia.


What is one fun fact about you?

I love baking and try to emulate the recipes of different cakes available online during my free time.

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English, Hindi, Panjabi


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Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6, Secondary 1, Secondary 2




Primary 3, Primary 4

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