Learner Net Monster Hunt
Hunt monsters and win prizes worth USD $375!
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Can you find Crankie the Frankenstein?
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Hello there, monster hunter!
I am hiding in 3 pages across this site. The first monster hunter to find all 3 of my hiding spots will win me as a collectible NFT (Worth USD 375)!

Here are some clues to help you figure out where Crankie might be hiding. Each puzzle helps you find one of his hiding spots!​

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Puzzle 1

Crankie the Frankenstein wants to find out..... How did Learner Net start as a company?

Hint: This course is conducted by Teacher Janice

Puzzle 2

Crankie the Frankenstein is going cranky from solving logarithm equations. He needs help from Teacher Hardik!

Hint: Teacher Trevor can help with this

Puzzle 3

Crankie the Frankenstein is still confused about counting money and telling time. He wants to get prepared for P1 Math.

Hint: Teacher Janice can help him

How to Play
Read and solve 3 puzzles each week on Learner Net.
Find the 3 monsters on the 3 answer pages.
When you see the monster on the page, click on it!
Once you have found all 3 monsters in the same week, you will know if you are the fastest! Winner will be notified via email.
When you catch a monster, you stand to win a one-of-a-kind, collectible NFT on Canvasland.io!

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind digital artwork. Each NFT has a unique blockchain contract that records who created it, and who owns it. In other words, an NFT can never be stolen or replaced. If you own an NFT, you own a piece of the Internet that belongs only to you!

What can I do with the NFT?

Keep it as an investment — Canvasland’s very first series of NFTs
Display the NFT as part of Canvas Collector Showroom
Sell it on Canvasland’s NFT Marketplace
New puzzles will be revealed each Friday (1 – 22 Oct) on the Learner Net website, Facebook and Instagram page. Come back for the next hunt if you’ve missed your chance this week!

This Weeks Puzzle

Riddle 1

Hollie the Ghost was tired of just saying boo and went to Teacher Janice to learn the sounds of each alphabet!

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