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Teacher Vilia has a  Master degree in National ChengChi University, majored in linguistics, and  master thesis was about culture philology, so she can teach not only languages but also culture. She has taught on platforms like AmazingTalker/ HiTutor/ italki.

What’s your name?

My name is Vilia and I am a bilingual teacher.

What’s your teaching experience?

I started teaching online courses for eight years. I taught college students in university language centers. In addition, I also taught in cram schools in groups and one on one teaching.

How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

I make good use of creativity to catch and guide the students to learn languages. For instance, we start interaction through the games between the students and the teachers.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I have abundant teaching experience and I catch the essence of learning – happiness. In addition, I think our responsibility is not passive, but active. I never forget my initial passion for teaching. Furthermore, I adjust patterns to suit anyone and update the material and the content to achieve lifelong learning.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I love to laugh a hearty laugh, so I easily touch people who are around me. Furthermore, I always used my laughter, which was very infectious, to break the silence.

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