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My name is Uğur Saymaz

I am an Educator with over 5 years experience in the industry, specialized mostly teaching English to all age groups between 2 to 60. Some of my students were preparing for international and school entrance exams, which allowed me to get experience around it. Besides teaching English, I also have experience in teaching soft skills to those who are willing to improve themselves day by day.

As a language educator, my main goal has always been to create a perfect learning environment for all my students so that no one feels left out and increase their self-confidence by proving that they have the same amount of chances as anyone else, as long as they are given the opportunity. I usually allow my students to produce and share as much as they can, until they are all dried out and feel tired. Then I show them how much they produced successfully, which gives them even more energy to do even better the next day. Sometimes when people fail to motivate themselves, I as an educator must help them get there.

I began my career by teaching English to kindergarten students who were not even able to speak their own tongue properly. As time went by, I realized day by day that these smart kids were picking up words here and there and saying it back to me and to all the teachers in the school. It motivated me so much that I felt like the joy was endless. After the lessons, I also reflect on how I do and always try to find a point to improve – and I think that never-ending need for improvement is my biggest motivator.


What’s one fun fact about you?

I am a huge fan of backpacking and hitchhiking. So far, I’ve been to 32 countries in the world mostly by backpacking and hitchhiking from one end to the other. Meeting people along the way and making new friends that way makes me the happiest person in the world.

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