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Teacher Reena is a graduate of MSc Chemistry. She has 4 yrs. teaching experience for secondary students. Now, she’s teaching private for IB, IGCSE students but can also teach the following curriculum (Primary school science ,Secondary school science and CBSE Chemistry.

What’s your name?

My name is Reena George and I am a chemistry teacher.

What’s your teaching experience?

I have work experience in colleges and
schools back in India. After coming to Singapore, I have started taking home tuition for kids with IGCSE and CBSE syllabus

How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

Chemistry is a difficult subject. Different kids have different capabilities. I will cater to each child’s queries and assist them. I do understand that proper revision and frequent testing of the knowledge is the best way to improve a child’s expertise in particular topic. This coupled with new teaching aids will help my students learn better and faster.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

Seeing the world from a kid’s perspective is one of the reasons I find teaching so enjoyable. Kids think differently and have amazing ideas which make me happy as a teacher when they share it with me. Getting to share things I love with students also makes me feel enlightened. As a teacher every day is never the same as I can also share things I love with students.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I enjoy cooking ethnic dishes. I am also a foodie.

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