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What is your teaching experience?

Hello! My name is Qian Hui and I am a Penultimate Year Sociology Undergraduate from National University of Singapore. I have been teaching English, Chinese and Mathematics to Primary 1 to 6 students at tuition centres for 3 years and also have the experience of private tutoring.

As students are exposed to new content, many of them tend to be unsure and thus hesitant on trying things outside of their comfort zone. However, I believe in learning from mistakes, which is why I frequently encourage my students to try on challenging questions, beyond their perceived limits, and assure them that it is perfectly fine to make mistakes as long as they are committed to learning from them.


How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

To effectively teach students, I explain the topics using relatable examples and request for students to reproduce the explanation in their own words. For example, when explaining the concept of money to my students, instead of using examples with large sums, I would use the price of food in school canteens so that they are able to visualise it easily. After students grasp the concept, they would then apply the same concept on bigger sums to confirm their understanding.

This encourages them to take the time to understand the concepts before they are able to apply them while solving the problems. It is also important to build a learning environment that students will feel comfortable in. Personally, I do frequently ask students to share about their stories (their days in school, any memorable incidents regarding the topic we are going through etc) to help them relate to the topics and enjoy the process of learning through sharing.


Why do you enjoy teaching?

I enjoy teaching as I love interacting with children and it brings me joy to be able to empower them to explore learning even beyond academic subjects. I am also always heartened to see the improvements my students make throughout the course of study, which further encourages me to help them excel.


What’s one fun fact about you?

One fun fact about me is that I am a language enthusiast! I am currently fluent in 3 languages (English, Chinese and Korean) and I have set a goal for myself to be conversational in 10 languages, hope I’ll make that possible one day!

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First Name

Qian Hui

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I can speak

English, Chinese, Korean

I studied

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) – National University of Singapore – 2018 – 2022

I've been teaching for

3 years


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