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Teacher Neha has 5 years of online teaching experience for mathematics subject. 3 years of which is coding experience with platforms like- Scratch, MIT App Inventor and Thunkable.

What’s your name?

My name is Neha and I am a Coding and Mathematics teacher.

What’s your teaching experience?

I have been teaching for past 5 years, I started teaching when I was doing my masters. My first teaching project was teaching kids from k-10 to Graduate. I realize that a lot of students are not good with their basics so I work with a Nosegay Public school as “Assistant Curriculum Designer” so that I can help kids to learn their basics better. I work with Urban pro as Online tutor and also with a Nigeria based company to help them with their curriculum and Online tutoring because I feel the power of knowledge is necessary for everyone.

How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

I have seen in a lot of classes this happens that students are just following teacher and it sometimes feel like they don’t understand how they are working on problems. But in my classes I gave them full access to ask anything and help them understood the logic behind every single line of code, I always encourage them to do experimenting with their ideas.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I enjoy teaching because it feels good when I spend my time with kids and the joy on their faces when understand the concept is thrilling for me. I thrive to put smile on kid’s face. I am very passionate about teaching so I feel this thing like how a person treasures their vacations.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I really like to gather knowledge from every single source and I love reading a lot. I like to find logic behind things and how to make them in a simple and logical ways.

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