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What’s your name?


My name is Isaac Quek and I teach English, History, Social Studies and other tertiary/professional skills like Critical Thinking,  Media Literacy, Research Writing, presentation skills, Presentation Skills and Interview skills.


What’s your teaching experience?

I started teaching History and Social studies in 2013 in an MOE secondary school, and I went on to privately tutor English, History and Social Studies starting in 2016.

In 2017 I took a Celta, an English teaching and pedagogy certification from Cambridge University in 2017 and that opened the door for me to teach Critical thinking, Research Writing (for scientific and technical research) and Media Literacy in Singapore Polytechnic.

I then moved on to teach in an English enrichment school in 2018 for PSLE preparation and Creative writing and then taught in 2019 through 2020 in an online English teaching school, focusing on creative writing.

I also taught at other local enrichment schools, I have also been tutoring O-Level English, History and Social Studies, with my students turning out good results in these subjects.


How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?


I am sensitive to knowledge and skill gaps in students. I work very hard to develop my own content like my own English Grammar and Creative writing courses based on what gaps I sense in my teaching practice.

So when I identify a gap in a students’ thinking, I can immediately deploy material to help plug any gaps my students have in their language or their concepts or their writing skills.

Being online and having access to my database at a moment’s notice helps a lot.

Because I have pre-prepared exercises that work, I am able to deploy the right types of exercises which cater to my student’s needs and give them small experiences of success.

I make it a point to relate to my students as a confidant and friend, whom hopefully they trust and can be open with their questions or frustrations.

I hate to see students miss an opportunity because there was no teacher or that they did not take their time to practice and develop their strengths.


Why do you enjoy teaching?

The first time I saw a secondary 2 student gasp and give me a “I get it now” look, my heart leaped. I felt so much joy and satisfaction in 2013 and I never looked back.

Also, no two days are ever the same in teaching!


What’s one fun fact about you?

I am a dad of a 7-year-old.

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I studied

Bachelor of History, National University of Singapore 2006, Post Graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological Univeristy, 2013, English Teaching Pedagogy – CELTA, Cambridge University 2017

I've been teaching for

8 years


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