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What is Your Name?

My name is Soon Seng, you may also call me Teacher Daniel.


What is your experience/training?

I have been teaching English Language for almost 17 years at the same secondary school, Springfield Secondary School, after graduation from NIE. The levels that I had taught ranged from Secondary One to Secondary Four Express/Secondary Five Normal Academic. The syllabi taught included GCE Normal (Academic) and GCE O Level Express English Language, based on MOE’s 2010 English Language Syllabus (1128 Express and 1190 Normal Academic)


How do I teach that helps students learn efficiently?

I used a wide range of engaging methods and resources to keep my lesson interesting. For example, Grammar lessons can usually be quite dry and boring, so instead of me doing all the talking about specific detailed grammar rules using Powerpoint, I would ask the students to share with everyone in the class what they already know about a particular grammar element, for example, Verbs.

There would be class discussions on what some of their classmates said about what they know about Verbs and I will ask the rest whether they agree or have anything to add or even disagree and to state their own view of grammar rules on the presented grammar item. We would reach a consensus, on how Verbs “behave” in English and the enlightenment would dawn upon them instead of me explicitly revealing its grammar rules. This can be carried out over a few lessons.

At other times, I would present YouTube videos that highlight/teach a grammar item. These videos, with captivating animation and sounds, tend to engage the students quite easily too.

Sometimes, I would also use Kahoot! games to engage them, and this is one of their most favourite part of any lesson, as they can get very competitive using their mobile phones to answer Kahoot! quizzes about English.


Why do I enjoy teaching?

I enjoy teaching because I get to talk with teenagers about many things that cover both English and non-English related topics.

The thing about learning English is that, if students can see the relevance of it to the real world (by talking with them about real world events and trends, and realising how language fulfils its purpose), they would be more inclined to listen to me during lesson time and stay focused. Also, I have a profound interest to want to get to know them better maybe because I am a young-at-heart who likes to know what topics interest youths nowadays.


What is one fun fact about me?

I am an avid computer/PS4 video gamer playing titles like AC Valhalla and Wasteland 3.

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