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What’s your name?

My Name is Clary. I am a teacher for lower class. (Preschool-Kindergarten)

What’s your teaching experience?

I have started teaching preschool/Kindergarten since 2007.

I teach mostly 3-5 years old children.

I have taught in some multicultural Preschool which is based on an International and multinational curriculum.

What qualifications do you have? (Bachelor’s in education, CELTA, TESOL, etc) 

Trained and certified in Phonic and Mathematics for Early childhood Education.

How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

Based on experience, children need consistency and eagerness to explore new things. Each child has a different interest in how they are learning and process the lesson. I always try to make children interested with the lessons I deliver and let them explore it by using the fun online materials or objects around them.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

Basically, I always have a big interest and I am passionate about delivering or explaining things/materials/information to others. Teaching children is such a bliss  to know them grown up very well. Starting from they know nothing about learning concepts until they are capable and grasp them well.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I like to sing/ play musical instruments and cover songs. Currently, I am doing a podcast with friend  in my spare time to express my thought and ideas.

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