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What’s your name?

My name is Casey Lock.


What’s your education background?

I took the subject combination Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics in Nanyang Junior College and was from Nan Chiau High School.


What are you currently studying in university?

I am a Year 1 Chemistry Undergraduate from National University of Singapore. I am also taking German modules.


What were your school achievements?

For Chemistry, I scored A for A levels, and A2 for O levels.

For Mathematics, I scored B for A levels, and A1 for both Elementary Math and Advanced Mathematics for O Levels.


How do plan to teach effectively?

For Chemistry, I will ensure students are familiar with the concept and the keywords needed before going on to tackling worksheets. I will also have a short Question and Answer session at the end of the lesson to make sure that any doubts or misunderstanding are cleared.

For Mathematics, I will teach in a more engaging way with pictures instead of just numbers to capture my student’s attention in class. For example, when teaching fractions, I will use a pizza to illustrate what ½ or ¼ is, as students will be able to relate to it more easily. After students grasp the concept, they would then apply it to equations or larger sums to confirm their understanding.


What’s one fun fact about you?

I am very interested in the different languages in the world. I am currently learning German, and I am planning to learn Japanese and Korean soon! I would like to be fluent in them.

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