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What’s your name ?

My name is Aeeeqa Shabana and I am a Science teacher

What’s your education background ?

I just finished o-levels at 2021 and i am from a madrasah which is a religious cshool

What are you currently studying in university ?

I am not in university yet but I plan to study nursing .

What were your school environments ?

Fun and carefree.

How do you plan to teach effectively ?

I like to joke around so that the child will enjoy the learning process. I believe that every child has potential but just needs to be pushed a little by adults to give their best. My sister said I am a funny and optimistic teacher and I like to think I am. I can make learning fun and less tedious for the children.

What’s one fun fact about you ?

I think the most interesting thing about me is the fact that I know 4 ldifferent languages.

I know Tamil, English, Arabic and Malay. I am also learning three more. Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

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