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What’s your name?

My Name is Adelia Nugraha and students usually call me Ms Adele. I am teaching both math and science.


What’s your teaching experience?

I’ve started teaching high school students since 2019. My students come from different backgrounds, there are local students and more from international students, including Denmark, Franch, Italy, South Korea and Australia. so, basically my knowledge about the international curriculum is broad enough. It is not only in British System such as IGCSE, but also for the common core from the US and Australian Curriculum. I taught math for some students for pre-university exams and all of them can pass the exam and 2 of them become medical students. My greatest happiness when teaching a student is as students who don’t like math become math lovers. This year I also started teaching students from primary.


How do you teach that helps students learn efficiently?

It is of course different to learn for science and math. For science I especially for secondary level,it is better to begin it with connecting the topic with our real life activities. Having a connection with the topic discussed giving engagement for the student with the lesson. That is different with math, if we are talking about math, if a student already knows the basics, it won’t be enough.

Students have to exercise to keep them engaged with the problems. Forgetting the exercise will be so bad for the student’s progress.


Why do you enjoy teaching?

I love to see students getting better and learning something new every day. I like to see them showing their understanding, and it is fun also to see when students have a question about the topic that they are learning at the moment. If the student has a question for a lesson it means they understand the topic. But if they don’t bring any question from the school or during the lesson, it is still confusing if they are getting the topic
discussed or not.


What’s one fun fact about you?

Before having my lesson with the student, I like to pretend as the student and having a lot of questions floating over my mind.

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